Traditional food in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Traditional food in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the great place where you can find unique taste of food particularly in the provinces surrounding it. There are food that are very delicious and very special which is only of low price, but the content of it is rich in flavorings. People who love to travel and try every food in the world will appreciate the food in Bangladesh as they give you their best traditional food. Here are some traditional food that you can eat by visiting Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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1. Morog-Polao - Morog-polao is a food especially being served in Bangladesh during marriage ceremonies and other big family festivals. The meaning of Morog is Chicken and Polao means pilau rice cooked in a very unique and special way. The Morog-polao is made out of pilau rice with a chicken that is cooked in a special way and being served with special drink named borhani.

2. Vuna Khichuri – This food being famous in Bangladesh is made out of rice or pilau rice, meat and dal (lentil). The meat can be chicken or beef. The way the rice is cooked is by drying it with dal (lentil) in a very special way, and after wards the meat is being added with it.

3. Kacci Biriani – Also called as the King of every food in Bangladesh. This food is usually being served in huge family occasion, this food is one almost present in every family occasions. It is made out of pilau rice that is cooked in a very special way added with mutton. They say if you visit Dhaka and failed to taste this food, you will miss the half of its culture.

4. Singara – A potato spiced with special ingredient wrapped in thin dough and is very tasty and cheap. Singara is a snack type of food where served in a proper occasion. This food is has been running for years and being eaten in a proper way.

5. Samosa – a triangular food filled with cabbage and other vegetables that is cooked differently to make it crispy. This food is a typical snack in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A person who doesn’t like eating vegetable will enjoy eating samosa as it taste differently from the regular taste.

6. Sorisa Ihlish - There are also many different kinds of fishes that are available throughout the country. Those who love eating fish should not miss the great taste of Sorisa Ihilish. This recipe can be cooked with Hilsha fish and paste of mustard with some spice.

7. Faluda – This one kind of desert recipe which is a sweet dish. This is really delicious. It can be made by noodles, wel boiled milk, some fruits, Ice cream. These all ingredients fix up with some flavours. It is normally a sweet and cold dish. It’s taste is really very good specially in summer time.

8. Fazli Aam – this is a type of mango that is famous in all the region of Bangladesh that can also be found in Dhaka. Fazliamm has the sweetest taste kind of mango and it is said to be the best kind of mango. As they say with its juiciness and sweetness who ever hate mango turn his hate into love as they taste this kind of mango.

There are other traditional food in Dhaka that you can enjoy most by eating with your family and friends. Traditional food in Dhaka, Bangladesh is usually serve in a large amount, eating it alone is good but eating it with someone you enjoy being with is better.

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