Top Things to do in Lara Beach

Top Things to do in Lara Beach

Are you planning your next vacation? Thinking of which place to visit this time? Let us help you decide, Lara Beach is a beautiful place to visit for vacations. You can enjoy the Vegas-style themed hotels, a lot of entertainment and the famous 8-kilometer beach.

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Lara Beach is located at the Turkey’s south coast. It is 12 kilometers away from the city of Antalya. The resort is a group of luxury hotels that are designed after prominent landmarks. The beach is 8 kilometers that have a mostly golden sand. There is a shallow water that is great for kids. Moreover, the hotels at the beach offer you great nightlife, shopping, and restaurants.

Let’s take a look at the best things to do at Lara Beach.

Things to do at Lara Beach
Lara Beach offers several things to do for everyone. Following are some of the things to doing at Lara Beach:

Natural Wonders of Pamukkale
You can relax at the natural beauty outdoor mineral bath spa. It is one of the best and favorable hotspots for tourists and locals. The waters drop down the cliff’s face leaving behind a snow-like surface known as acotton fortress. Then it flows into warm and shallow spring.

Moreover, you get a chance to relax in the cool waters of the Pamukkale Antique Pool. It is usually referred as Cleopatra’s Pool. This was ruined in the 7th century and has sunken in thermal blue water. It is surrounded by greenery giving the feeling like you are swimming in the ancient Rome.

Lara Beach provides a breathtaking view of the golden Turkish Riviera. It was awarded a Blue Flag for its quality. The public part of the beach has several sun beds and umbrellas. The crystal water makes the snorkeling and diving popular attraction amongst the tourist. There isa lineup of restaurants and cafes for having a lunch or cocktails.

Another thing Lara Beach is famous for is the splendid waterfront hotels. These hotels provide you private beaches as well. Most of the nightlife and dining is hotel-based. There isextensive range of restaurants that offer luscious meals. They offer authentic Turkish cuisine to top-notch Italian cuisine.

There are plenty of bars and nightlife places that are open till late night. They have relaxing environment overlooking the water.

It is a paradise for shopaholics as there areboth modern shopping malls and traditional markets. The traditional market is the best spot for handmade crafts, jewelry, and exclusive gifts.

For Children
If you visit Lara Beach with your family you must go to the Troy Aqua Park. It is 1-hour drive and is on the list of must-visit places. The park has a great collection of water slides. In summer, you can see a dolphin and sea lion show.

Spending your vacations at Turkey’s extravagant resorts is a once in alifetime chance. You will have a unique experience that you can with your family and friends.

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