Top 8 best traditional foods of Antalya

Top 8 best traditional foods of Antalya

Food lovers simply must visit Antalya to experience a combination of magnificent and unique foods. You can find a large number of restaurants offering the traditional foods of Antalya for you to enjoy:

1. Turkish kebap:
One of the most popular foods in Antalya amongst tourists and locals is the world famous Kebap which are basically meats cooked over barbecued oak, coal or in the wood burning ovens. Mostly the kebaps are made of chicken, beef or lamb.

Turkish kebap

2. Doner kebab:
Doner kebab is lamb roasted on a vertical spit and sliced off when done. Traditionally served with fresh baked pitta bread and fresh salads. When laid on a bed of chopped lettuce flat bread and topped with savoury tomato sauce and brown butter, it becomes ─░skender Kebap.

Doner kebab

3. Yaprak Sarma:
Vine Leaves Stuffed with Ground Meat, Rice and Herbs or sometimes green or red cabbage can be used to replace the vine leaves. There are a lot of different meats and spices used in the fillings.

4. Turkish rice and chicken:
A delicious blend of Chicken, almonds served with a saffron rice and stuffed into an eggplant,

Turkish rice and chicken

5. Antalya bean salad:
White beans, fresh vegetables and herbs, tossed in a tangy dressing of healthy fats (extra virgin olive oil, tahini paste) with lemon juice and wine vinegar; Antalya salad is packed with nutritious ingredients and bold flavours .

6. Diced lamb fried on theiron plate:
A dramatic traditional dish that includes meat, onions, parsley, peppers and tomatoes. All the ingredients are mixed and served sizzling on an iron plate.

7. Fried green tomatoes food:
This food contains a great combination of fried green tomatoes with the inclusion of spices and other vegetables. Dipped into a cornmeal and egg batter deep fried until crispy and served with garlic infused Yoghurt.

8. Baklava:
A famous delicious dish and It is one of the most common sweet dishes of Antalya,and it certainly is sweet made up of walnuts, pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts. All these are placed inside a pastry and a sweet touch is provided through the addition of sugar syrup and/or honey.

These are the traditional foods of Antalya you need to try!

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