Top 10 traditional foods you will find in Marrakech

Top 10 traditional foods you will find in Marrakech

Are you a food lover? If you are, Marrakech is the best place to visit. The traditional foods of Marrakech are quite unique and exciting that have the ability to surprise you. Here are just a few of the traditional foods of Marrakech:

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1. Harira:
This hearty soup is a traditional dish that Moroccans use, to break the fast every night of Ramadan. It's a hearty soup with lamb, lentils, chick peas and pasta, which is spiced with cinnamon, turmeric and ginger.

2. Tagine:
A tagine is one of the most famous dishes of North Africa available from the roadside to the five star restaurants, named after the famous clay pot it is cooked in. The recipe can include chicken, beef or lamb or if wished can be vegetarian, in a rich tomato sauce flavoured with mild spices and fresh herbs and served with couscous or bread.

3. Kefta tagine:
A speciality of Marrakech a delicious blend of ground lamb with fresh coriander and cinnamon cooked in the traditional tomato sauce and finished with a soft poached egg cooked in the tomato sauce.

4. B’ssara with soft boiled egg:
At a few pennies a bowl, this rich soup of dried broad beans is traditionally served for breakfast, topped with a swirl of olive oil, a sprinkling of cumin and bread fresh from the oven.

5. Mint Tea:
Known as ‘Moroccan whisky’, mint tea is the drink of choice. It is usually heavily sweetened with sugar chipped off a sugar cone. Gunpowder tea is steeped with a few sprigs of spearmint stuffed into the teapot. It is poured into a tea glass from a height to create a froth called the crow.

6. Makouda:
Moroccan street food is legendary and the best place to sample the wide variety is Djemaa el-Fna square in Marrakech. Here beside the kebabs, calamari and grilled sardines, you will find the more unusual sweet cheek meat of sheep’s heads, snails cooked in a spicy broth that wards off colds, and skewers of lamb’s liver with caul fat. Makouda are little deep-fried potato balls, delicious dipped into spicy harissa sauce

7. Steamed sheep head:
Another traditional dish that is usually made at the festival of Eid-al-Adha when everyone slaughters a sheep. Moreover, the head is steamed for some time and enjoyed with cumin, salt and chillies.

8. Brochettes:
They are the tasty kebabs that are mainly prepared in different species. After that, they are rolled into specific shapes and are prepared on fire. The meat that is used may be of chicken, lamb or beef.

9. Zaalouk:
Moroccan meals begin with at least seven cooked vegetable salads to scoop up with bread. They can include green peppers and tomatoes, sweet carrots or courgette purée, and a dish of local olives alongside. Zaalouk is a smoked aubergine dip, seasoned with garlic, paprika, cumin and a little chilli powder.

10. B’stilla:
This very special pie represents the pinnacle of exquisite Fassi (from Fez) cuisine. Layers of a paper-thin pastry coddle a blend of pigeon meat, almonds and eggs spiced with saffron, cinnamon and fresh coriander, the whole dusted with icing sugar and cinnamon

This was the list of top 10 foods you can find in Marrakech.

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