Top 10 Things to do in Antalya

Top 10 Things to do in Antalya

Turkey is one of places where people commonly spent their vacation, and Antalya City is one place in Turkey where you can experience many things. Antalya is one of the famous place in turkey where tourists spent their time. There are lots of historical places can be found here, also beautiful sites of nature and lots of beaches to visit. Antalya has a lot of businesses for tourist and nothing there can get your board even if you are traveling alone, with friends or even with your family.

Here are top 10 things you can do when you visit Antalya, Turkey.

1. Ascend from the ground to the top of the mountain of Tahtali using cable cars. With this you can experience and be amazed of the beautiful sites of the coastline and the mountains surrounding the place. Winter season is also best in this area, especially if you live in extreme skiing experience because mountains in this area is stiffer than usually paraglide down type of mountain.


2. If you love visiting beaches, ruins of Phaselis is one of the best place you can go and visit. Phaselis has a port where businesses make their transaction of shipping their items from port to port. You can visit the remains of Amphitheatre or if you just want to relax you can just lay down on the sand of the beaches and enjoy the view.


3. Visiting the wonder of Flames of Chimaera near Cirali where flames coming from rocks can last for 24 hours and to be believed that this was used by ancient people as light for their ships to avoid crashing from them.

Chimaera near Cirali

4. Not far from the main city of Antalya is the impressive Lycian ruins of Myra and where Santa Claus came from or Saint Nicholas where his church can also be seen. These ruins is one of the best wonders of that place.

5. The old Antalya or the town of Antalya in the old times and also known as Kaleici. The place maintained its original appearance. You can find boutiques and even art galleries here that can best represent the old Antalya.

6. If you love getting toned, Lara beach is the place for you, where the blue flag beach is known. The best season to visit this place is summer during their sand festival where you can see talented people creating human size figures.

7. A Roman theatre must be visit also, Aspendos is the common name of this site. Yearly they perform Opera Festival and Aspendos Ballet, and between the month of June and July.


8. The ruins of Termessos an isolated place in the place of Gulluk Dagi National park. Exploring this area will consume a lot of your time but will not be wasted because of the beautiful scenes.


9. Enjoying Antalya Archaeological Museum can also be done, by visiting this place you can learn a lot of history of Antalya and of the places connected to it. Antalya’s Museum is named to be the best Museum in Turkey.

Archaeological Museum

10. If you like waterfalls Manavgat waterfalls is the place for you, you can spent your time relaxing here and enjoying the freshness of air. You can also buy your souvenirs from this place.

There are other places and things you can do in Antalya, all you have to do is to go to this place and explore the wonders of Antalya. Just don’t forget to bring your camera to preserve the memories you will have.

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