Top 10 festivals in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Top 10 festivals in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Festivals are conducted in honor of the culture of every country. There are different ways to celebrate festivals, depending on the tradition of the place. One of the cities in the world that has rich culture and unique festivities is Dhaka in Bangladesh. Festivals in Dhaka Bangladesh play a major role in their culture. Here are top 10 festivals celebrated and enjoyed by locals and even the tourists in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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1. Eid-ul-Fitr: This is actually the biggest Muslim festival celebrated around the world. It is held after the day of the month of fasting or Ramadan of Muslims. In Dhaka, huge congregations are help at many mosques, as well as the Naional Eidgah.

2. Eid-ul-Azha: This is considered as the second biggest festival in Dhaka of the Muslims. This is held marking the Hajj in Mecca on the tenth Zilhaj, which is the lunar month. One part of the celebration is the sacrificing of animals are sacrificed to remember Hazrat Ibrahim's (AM) preparedness for the ultimate sacrifice of his beloved son to Allah.

3. Eid-e-Miladunnabi: This festival is celebrated in honor of the day of the birth and death of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad. This is considered as national holiday wherein a national flag is hovered atop private and public houses. Special foods are also served in hospitals, jails and orphanages. At night, essential public buildings are lighted and milad mahfils are also held.

4. Fair of Ghoshbila: Also known as Baruni fair, the Fair of Ghoshbila is organized in the Ghoshbila village to remember the day of the arrival of goddess Ganga in ghat. Its major attraction is the holy bath in the Kumar river in order to purify themselves.

5. Pahela Baishakh: The beginning of Bengali New Year is merrily observed all over the country. It is the most colorful daylong gathering together with the arrangement of cultural program and traditional Panta at Ramna Park. Dhaka is actually a special feature of this festival. Great activities like bat races and tournaments are held in cities and villages amidst great jubilation. A lot of exciting fairs are also held in Dhaka and other villages and towns.

6. Shakrain Festival: This is celebrated especially in the Old Dhaka and is observed every January 14 or 15 or at the end of the Bengali month. In the afternoon of, people of all ages are gathering at their rooftop with their kites. They fly their colourful and different kites high, bringing exciting and epic kite fighting. At night, there is a firework display to light up the sky of the Old Dhaka.

7. Muharram: This is ceremonial sorrowful procession of the Muslim community. This is celebrated to remember the martyrdom of Imam Hussain at Karbala in the country of Iraq. People all over the country are celebrating this festival on the same day.

8. Durga Puja: This is considered as the major festival of the community of Hindu, which continues for 10 days. The last 3 days is the culmination activity wherein an idol is immersed in the rivers. In Dhaka, Bangladesh, the big festivities are held at the Dhakeswari Temple.

9. Christmas: Popularly known as "Bara Din or Big Day", Christmas is celebrated with splendour in Dhaka and in other parts of the country. Various day-long large assemblies are held at several Christian churches, such as Bangladesh Baptist Sangha at Sadarghat Dhaka, Tejgaon’s Portuguese Church, St. Mary's Cathedral at Ramna and Church of Bangladesh, which is a Protestant church on Johnson Road. Functions include Christmas tree decoration, lighting of churches, and some other colourful Christian festivities.

10. Rabindra and Nazrul Jayanti: This is celebrated to remember the Birth of the honourable laureate, Rabindranath Tagore on the 25th Baishakh or May and. On 11th Jaystha, The National Poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam is also observed all over the country. The day of their death are also marked in similar way. Songs and huge gatherings prepared by socio-cultural organisations are wonderful features of this day.

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