Top 10 Attractions in Marrakech

Top 10 Attractions in Marrakech

There are people who want to have vacations but don’t know where to go. Marrakech is one of the places you should consider to visit because of its natural beauties and cultural traditions. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Marrakech.

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1. Medina Souks– Because of the constricted alleyways and the colours, sounds and scents Medina Souks can be the main centres of your trip. With its maze like design you will find yourself wandering around but as you do so you can also encounter good shops to spend your money with.

Medina Souks

2. Djemma El-Fna– It is a large square entry going to Medina and the centre of Marrakesh life. This place is full of musicians, storytellers, future tellers and other this in which you can try on.

3. Koutoubia Mosque– This mosque is the tallest building in Marrakech and also the symbol of Marrakech. The mosque is around 77 meter high and was built around the year 1162.

Koutoubia Mosque

4. Medersa Ben Youssef– The Medersa Ben Youssef was built in 1565 by the Saadians. This is by far the biggest theological college found in Morocco that has a burrow of rooms that use to be home of nine-hundred pupils are now becomes centre of attraction because of its Islamic architecture designs.

Medersa Ben Youssef

5. Saadian Tombs– This place is said to be the home of Saadian dynasty who ruled the Marrakesh in 1524 and in 1668. All the 66 members of the dynasty are lying in these burial grounds.

Saadian Tombs

6. Bahia Palace– With its magnificent colourful design, the palace because centre of attraction. This palace, founded in the nineteen century, was the main place of the Sultan Moulay al-Hassan I who is the Grand Vizier Bou Ahmed. The design from the outside contracture is very unique as well in its interior design.

Bahia Palace

7. Dar Si Said Museum of Moroccan Arts and Crafts– This use to be the home of Vizier Si Said who was a collector of fine works, oil maps from pottery artefacts, Taroudant, marbles and leather. The style of this place was followed after the pattern of Moroccan culture and now they displayed all he crafts that was owned by this house.

Dar Si Said Museum of Moroccan Arts and Crafts

8. Marrakech Museum– with unique collections of Qur’anic art inscriptions and with the local based ceramic work, coins and textiles the Marrakech Museum shows the talents and the culture of the locals. The Museum, the house of Dar Me’nebhi was created during the early twentieth century is now famous because of how the building was made of.

Marrakech Museum

9. Manara Gardens– Marrakech has a beautiful heart and that heart is the Manara Gardens. It was called heart because it is located in the inner part of the city. This is the place where most of the locals spent their time to receive piece and quite time.

Manara Gardens

10. Tizi-n’Test Pass – if road tripping is your type, visiting Tizi-n’Test Pass will give you the pleasure as you travel and enjoy the scenery of the place. Can be located in the southward of Marrakesh with its dizzy wavy road, you will enjoy the ride as well as the beauty of the place.

Tizi-n’Test Pass

Marrakesh is a place where not only tourist can enjoy but also the locals. Visiting this place will make you forget the problems of life.

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