Top 10 attractions in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Top 10 attractions in Dhaka, Bangladesh

If you are going to vising Dhaka, Bangladesh you should know first where to go to save your time. Even though there are many places that you can visit in Dhaka, going there without proper preparation on where to go can cost you a lot of money. If you are going to Dhaka, Bangladesh be sure to visit these places.

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1. Bangladesh National Museum – It is located at Dhaka, Shahbagh. Originally it established on 20 march 2013 as Dhaka Museum. It was renamed as National Museum of Bangladesh on 17 November 1983. Here, it gives the idea about geographical area, tradition, culture, history, natural beauties, historic relics, life history of rural people of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh National Museum

2. Shahid Minar – this is a somber monument that is created in behalf of the people who died in the Bengali Language Movement in the year 1952. In the middle of chaos in Dhaka, a surprising number of mourning appears in this place of Shahid Minar.

3. Sonargaon – this is one of the important place or memorable place in Dhaka city, this places has a lot of antiquated architecture placed in the middle of the beautiful scenery.

4. Bangladesh National Zoo – It established in 1974 and located in MIrpur, Dhaka. The name of the zoo has been changed as Bangladesh National Zoo on 5th February 2015. This is the largest zoo of Bangladesh includes 186 acre (75 ha) area in total. You can find 58 categories of animals here. The most popular animal is Royal Bengal Tiger, Elephant, Deer, Cheetah, Lion, monkey, chimpanzees etc.

5. The Bangladeshi Liberation War Museum – a place where collections of memories from the Liberation War of Bangladesh. This is the best war museum in the region of Bangladesh.

6. Lalbagh Fort – an incomplete Mughal Palace that was created around the 17th century that can be easily be sitting in popular in Indian cities like Jaipur and Agra. This is one of the famous or popular place in Dhaka the tourists visits because of its beauty.

7. The National Martyrs’ Monument – this place is dedicated to the Bangladesh Liberation War during the 1971. In this year Bangladesh redeemed their independency from the hands of Pakistan. The monument can be found outside the downtown of Dhaka and remains one of the best tourist spot in the area.

8. The Star Mosque - A place for resplendent Islamic worshipers, this is decorated with thousands of small blue stars on its outside wall. Going inside the mosque is free for everyone as long as they give respect once inside.

9. The Dhakeshwari Temple – this is a Hindu temple that and be found in the middle of the downtown of Dhaka, and is commonly referred as the national temple of Bangladesh. Dhakeshwari means the Goddess of Dhaka.

10. Ahsan Manzil – It is situated in islampur, Dhaka near to bank of the river Buriganga. The construction of this building started in 1859 and completed in 1872. In the period of Nawab Alibardi khan around 1740 century The French traders bought this property and started their business without paying any tax by a decree from the emperor Awrangajeb. They became very wealthy by competing with English and other European companies. At 22nd June 1757, English defeated French and captured all their properties in the English – French War.

Dhaka, Bangladesh has a lot to offer, most of the tourist destination that can be found here is connected to their history. By visiting all these sittings you will have the understanding on how Dhaka was made.

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