Best Way to Enjoy Antalya- Adventure Safari

Best Way to Enjoy Antalya- Adventure Safari

Planning your vacation to Antalya? Finding the best thing to do in Antalya? Antalya is the 5th most populous city in Turkey. It is a wide modern city with the small historic center, good architecture, and long beaches. It has emerged as one of the most beautiful places to attract thousands of people. It provides the best combination of deep blue sea, sun and mountain covered trees.

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As far as attractions are concerned, there are many great places to enjoy in Antalya. But one of the best things to do is go for an adventure safari. You should not miss the chance to see Turkey from a different side. You can travel through the wonderful landscape of the Taurus Mountains. This trip takes you far from the city life of Antalya.
Here is everything you can do in Adventure Safari.

There are two ways to experience the wild side of Antalya. You can either go for Jeep Safari or ATV adventure.

Jeep Safari
Jeep safari is a marvelous voyage towards Taurus Mountain to discover the real beauty of turkey. You get a chance to drive through the narrow and dusty valleys, mountain ranges and rivers. During this trip, you can visit small Turkish village. Along with this, you can swim in the mountain rivers as well.

Jeep Safari

It starts from the Gebiz and goes through the forests and village roads to streams. At the streams, you take a picture of the waterfall in the forests. You must take along with you swimsuit as well, you can go for a dip.

Apart from this, you can enjoy the traditional Turkish dishes in the small native restaurant. You can see spectacular views as you go from the mountain ranges to pine forests. This gives you an opportunity to visit the remote parts of the regions.

ATV Adventure
Another exhilarating way to enjoy the beautiful city of Antalya is through ATV adventure. You can speed through the forest at the bottom of the Taurus Mountain. This is a chance to splash through the mud puddles as you sight see the forests. ATV ride gives a rush of adrenaline as it is easy to steer.

You are offered pick and drop service from your hotel. At the hotel, your instructor will go through the safety measures with you. So you have to pay attention and listen carefully. Along with this, they will teach you the basics of the ATV.

Enjoy the view of the Taurus Mountains as you take your ATV near the base. You can stop and take photos for capturing the moment and keeping it as a souvenir.

What is Included
Here are some services that offered when you go for an adventure safari.

  • Transportation with a professional driver.
  • Licensed English speaking guide
  • The phone number for any emergency.

    Therefore, it is best for families, couples, groups and even teenagers. All the explorers and thrill seekers come and enjoy the adventure safari. This is your chance to enjoy the nature and adventure safari at the same time.

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