5 Best Resorts in Antalya

5 Best Resorts in Antalya

Visiting other countries to spend your vacation is a nice experience to have, especially if you are with your friend or with your family. If ever you are going to Turkey and Visit the beautiful sites and experience things in Antalya be sure to have a nice place to stay in. Choosing the place to stay will also give you the experience the total vacation. Here are 5 best Resorts that you can stay while visiting Antalya.

1. Wind of Lara Hotel & Spa – this place provides different preferences depending on what the customers want. This place has the rewarding and happy concept where you can enjoy any time of the day. There are places inside the building where you can relax and feel entertained as you explore the sand activities on their beach.

Wind of Lara Hotel & Spa

2. Porto Bello Hotel Resort & Spa – The resort can be found at the Konyaalti Beach, and Konyaalti Beach is the longest beaches in the Mediterranean region. You can see the beauty of the beach inside the building especially if you take a room facing the sea. There are lots of room designs you can choose from and activity areas you can choose. Aside from the beach Porto Bello Hotel Resort & Spa has to large pools inside and outside the building, there are sub pools those are heated also. And you can find a lot of restaurant near this place where you can enjoy the culture of Antalya.

Porto Bello Hotel Resort & Spa

3. Mardan Palace – In the name itself this place is literally looks like a palace and with the beauty of its location you can see the shores of Antalya and the coast of Mediterranean. This place was built in honour and in spirit of the grand Ottoman Sultan. With its elegant and expensive decorations inside, customer will feel the beauty of Antalya. They also have the unbeatable services and a lot of place inside where you can spend your time to relax and have fun. With a very large construction you can enjoy exploring the whole palace with your family while having the best service offered by the crew members.

Mardan Palace

4. Melas Lara Hotel – The uniqueness of this hotel is that they are offering services in which they can be communicated with 5 different languages such as Turkish, English, German, French and Russian. With its Elegance and the observation of silence this place is best for people who are looking for peaceful resting place. This resort is place near the tourist spot in Antalya like the Aspendos theatre, Perge Antique City (Perge which’s another name is Perga was an ancient Anatolian city in modern Turkey), Termessos and other tourist spots.

Melas Lara Hotel

5. Sealife Family Resort – If you are looking a place near the seafront of Antalya Sealife Family Resort is the place for you. This place is located near the Olympos National Park and other famous places in Antalya. With it's location you can see the beauty of the Blue Flag beach which has the cleanest beach you can find in Turkey. They also offer services to suit your need while you are staying in Antalya.

Sealife Family Resort

These resorts have its own uniqueness and choosing the right place to stay should be considered along with what place you want to visit during your stay in Antalya.

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