5 best ancient places in Antalya

5 best ancient places in Antalya

Are you one of those who likes to visit ancient places? Antalya has a lot to offer in terms of ancient places and traditions. If you are planning to visit a place to look for ancient sites, Antalya will be the best option. Here are the best historical sites that are present in Antalya.

1. Termessos:
A theatre that is built beautifully in the mountains. The place is situated less than half an hour drive from the centre of the city Antalya. If you are athletic than pairing hiking shoes with your outfit will allow you to explore each and every aspect of this rocky site. No wonder it is a great piece of architecture.

2. Kaleici:
Kaleici is Antalya’s old city that starts with Hadrian’s Gate. This gate is built in the 2nd century by the Roman emperor and still is the best tourist attraction. Moreover, it is also considered as the most famous site of Antalya. The gate is made up of impressing triple arches marks. Within Kaleici, you will also be able to find the remains of the Korkut Mosque. The architecture of this place is from the Ottoman period. Along the walls of the city, a Hidirilik Tower is standing. Overall, the place contains a great attraction for the people who are interested in ancient places of Antalya.

3. Aspendos and Perge:
Another ancient site that must be visited when you are visiting Antalya includes Aspendos and perge. Aspendos is a historical theatre that is still used for the summer opera performances. Perge, on the other hand, is also a theatre that is quite smooth as compared to the Termessos. You can walk easily to explore all the important aspects of this place.

4. Phaselis:
If you want to combine both the ancient sites and the beaches then Phaselis is the best option you can consider. It is a port city from the Roman Empire that is situated in the bays. The remains of the city can easily be seen. These remains are now also used as a national park of the city. The environment around this ancient site is quite and clean.

5. Side:
A great combination of the present day seaside resort and the remains of Roman Empire can be found on the side in Antalya. The ruins are in good conditions letting people enjoy the site to a maximum level. Moreover, the main gate and the temple of Athena makes this place a great option to visit. The site also contains a great amphitheatre and a temple. This temple is dedicated to Apollo.

These were the major ancient sites that are present in Antalya. Apart from that, there are some other ones that include olympos and Antalya’s archeological museum. This museum contains all the statues that have been found during the excavations.

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